A Cheating Ex Gets Response She Deserves To Texts Begging To Get Back Together

The end of a relationship after one person was unfaithful is always messy.

It’s made worse when the cheater barrages their former partner with a string of text messages, begging for it to not to all be over.

One guy found himself on the end of such a chain of messages. It seems she wasn’t prepared to face up to the consequences of what she had done. And he had a perfect final word for her.


She then gets remarkably aggressive, which certainly isn’t going to change his mind now…



It then gets quite intense, as the aggressive texts continue along with some begging to carry on the conversation in person. Clearly this fella is having none of it though and announces communication will end on his terms. That is, until he comes up with one perfect response to her last rant…



Nicely done.

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Funny Text Messages

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