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8 Comments to Boomerang

  1. If I have this right a left handed person can’t throw a boomerang, because it would spin left while the earth spins right.But it may be possible to make it turn right by throwing it upside down with your left hand, although it may mess with its aerodynamics? hmmmmmmmmm.

  2. henry swift on April 14th, 2012
  3. The world only spins right on the Southern Hemisphere, it spins left on the Northern Hemisphere.

  4. Borat on April 15th, 2012
  5. Toilet water spins backwards in australia

  6. Connor on April 20th, 2012
  7. If you throw the boomerang straight up, it will also come right back to you. Try it, it works.

    Yes, and I carve giant rocking horses out of the entire trunk of a plywood tree.

  8. Lester on April 20th, 2012
  9. I am Australian too and that is the finest explanation of the boomerang phenomenon I have ever read.We should also warn of drop bears, always look up when passing under trees.By the way does anyone want to buy the Sydney harbour bridge?

  10. Dan Kerry on April 21st, 2012
  11. If you spin around in a circle 3 times, punch a kangaroo in the face, take a shit on a Croc, and also throw a shrimp on the Bar-be, it comes back every time. I’m not saying that’s the way it is for everyone, it just works for me.

    No offense to the people of Australia, just busting some balls.

  12. WorstLighning on May 22nd, 2012
  13. The fact that the asker half believed that answer is depressing as shit

  14. David on July 1st, 2012
  15. I’m going to move to australia just so I can use that as my source for everything.

  16. Beezleboss on July 21st, 2012

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