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Election 2012: Awkward abortion discussion

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10 Comments to Election 2012: Awkward abortion discussion

  1. This is a “HAHAHHA! That bitch told her!” moment if ever I saw one.

  2. Brattus Rattus on November 6th, 2012
  3. Busted…

  4. The Last Universalist on November 6th, 2012
  5. LOL This makes me wish I knew Mollie and Emily personally so that I could laugh at Emily’s hypocrisy in person.

  6. Beverly on November 6th, 2012
  7. it’s also not much of deterrent considering how many pro-choice folks like myself would just be like “yup it sure is and that’s why i’m voting for him”.

  8. Scruff Cardinale on November 7th, 2012
  9. Doesn’t Matter… Abortion topics have no place in politics. It’s not a subject that has any bearing on society within our country or with our foreign policy.

    Proof: Pro-Lifer’s believe there shouldn’t be abortion.

    Pro-Choicer’s believe they don’t want their rights infringed upon.

    Result… two groups fighting in different arenas. They aren’t fighting the same battle. Dumbass people on both sides.

  10. Loser on November 7th, 2012

  12. t on November 7th, 2012
  13. Don’t believe in abortion? Don’t have one. Easy.

  14. hoodoo on November 8th, 2012
  15. Mollie for the BURN!!
    yeah, Loser for the POINT!
    hoodoo for freakin’ common sense!

  16. AJ on November 9th, 2012
  17. man, I REALLY wish I could see the rest of the comments as I feel like there is some more mud slinging!

  18. noni on November 19th, 2012
  19. A vote for Obama is a vote against America.

  20. Lester on January 6th, 2013

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