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More sweet irony


Awkward Facebook messages, texts, and more

4 Comments to More sweet irony

  1. Why does no one know what irony is?

  2. troof be told on February 19th, 2013
  3. Most sites that have comment sections are filled with “thugs”. The irony of all of it is that face to face 99.9% of people wouldn’t have the nerve to mouth off to anyone else face to face. Behind that screen though….Whoooo look out! Keyboard commandos!

  4. Brattus Rattus on February 19th, 2013
  5. how modern day mainstream, using words that don’t mean what they use it for. faggot = cigarette………show this “tough” 10 yr old is calling someone a cigarette because they don’t have a pair because the “faggot” is acting tough on the internet? odd.

  6. mordred on February 19th, 2013
  7. ugh

  8. kkdaaauhk on February 20th, 2013

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