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Non-vegan coke

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4 Comments to Non-vegan coke

  1. I know a lot of vegans who are sanctimonious arseholes, but not a single vegan who uses cocaine. If you’re motivated enough to be a vegan, you’re not going to be a coke head.

  2. The Last Universalist on June 27th, 2012
  3. Yeah, they are (sanctimonious areseholes)… But drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. They inflict their horror on all walks of life. Even vegans.

  4. Mimi on June 27th, 2012
  5. What???? There’s meat in cocaine??? FUCK!!!

  6. faceless person on June 28th, 2012
  7. Faceless – vegetarian means that they don’t eat meat.

    Vegan means they don’t eat/ingest meat or animal products like eggs or milk.

    And lactose is milk sugar.

  8. Log from BLAMMO! on July 3rd, 2012

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