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Obama’s approval rating in South Carolina

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8 Comments to Obama’s approval rating in South Carolina

  1. In Oklahoma he’s known as the FUCKIN’ “N”.

  2. Mike on November 7th, 2012
  3. Well what do you want them to call him.. The jiggaboo jesus. No matter what he is still a nigga

  4. MAYOR MIKE BEDBUG on November 7th, 2012
  5. How about showing the President of the United States the respect he deserves. Call him a man. Call him President Obama. Call him Mr. President.

    There have been MANY presidents I haven’t liked but while they are in office, I show them the respect they should be given. I hold my tongue. It’s what you do. It’s what a good American should do.

    It’s called being an AMERICAN. A PROUD AMERICAN. Take some pride in yourselves. Take some pride in your country.

  6. Brattus Rattus on November 7th, 2012
  7. Respect for a turd sandwich like him. NO FN WAY ITS AMERICAN to disrespect a bitch.

  8. MAYOR MIKE BEDBUG on November 7th, 2012
  9. I take pride in my country, I love my country. I love my country because I can express my dislike or like of our leaders, it’s called freedom of speech Brattus Rattus. That is part of being an American.

  10. ranting 'merican on November 7th, 2012
  11. I live in South Carolina and I’m for Obama. Just ignore the neo nazis, racist, and rich people. I actually live in one of the most Democratic counties.

  12. Random on November 8th, 2012
  13. Why do conservatives hate America?

  14. Biggus Dickus on November 13th, 2012
  15. @Biggus dumbass

    Im a Conservative and I love this country. Im just sick of you libtart sheep wanting to change this great country into some third world POS.

    To the retard from SC, sure there are Racist! They are on both sides. Look how the left attacks any person of color for being a Conservative. Are you made at all the rich Democrats too?

  16. Madmartigan on November 24th, 2012

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