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OK then…

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8 Comments to OK then…

  1. See, not everything needs to be public. Hate your grandma discreetly.

  2. AlfaCowboy on November 30th, 2012
  3. i bet grandma hates him/her right back.

  4. Beverly on November 30th, 2012
  5. This kid is probably 15 and grandma is only about 45 and more of a parent than mom because mom is 29 and partying.

  6. kristy on November 30th, 2012
  7. Well, maybe grandma is an evil witch. Maybe she beats the granddaughter or otherwise abuses her.

    Not all grandma’s are nice and cuddly. Some are the spawn of Satan.

  8. Jami on November 30th, 2012
  9. Yes Jami. My mother is my children’s only living grandparent and she wants nothing to do with my children. But, my brother’s children are a different story. Never mind that my brother’s oldest son is a convicted CHILD MOLESTER. She is an evil person. She is an overbearing, domineering, manipulative, lying, control freak. And she is also probably guilty of murder or at least accessory to murder in the death of my Uncle Don in 1974. Even the detectives Think that my mother’s sister killed her husband. They just have not been able to get the proof. But she is now dying of breast cancer. Karma is a bitch ain’t it???

  10. Marcie on November 30th, 2012
  11. I had a horrible grandmother as well. She was a cruel liar who used to make the lives of everyone in her family miserable. I still wouldn’t have posted this publically.

  12. blah on November 30th, 2012
  13. @Marcie…Wow…we don’t care..

  14. CSA on December 1st, 2012
  15. I have a grandma like that too. She only cares about her She had my dad as a teenager.

  16. Kate on December 3rd, 2012

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