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Parents just don’t understand

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8 Comments to Parents just don’t understand

  1. way to go mom

  2. Netjnke on April 12th, 2012
  3. In this case the mother does understand. Good job for her and she should keep it up on him. Children these days think they can say whatever they want on the internet without any reprecussions. It’s not the world your parents grew up in kids. Now everything you say is saved for years to come and they all love the dataminers facebook and google. Which is nice sometimes cause that means till he leaves high school at the earlier he’ll be known as a bed wetter :)

  4. mrwhyte on April 12th, 2012
  5. This is called good parenting. I raised nine kids – most of them adopted and troubled youth. If there was internet and facebook then this is exactly how I would have handled it.

  6. Meetoo on April 12th, 2012
  7. lets see teach you child not to spread personal information on the net by spreading personal information on the web. how about letting everyone know what he did then making him apologize then turning his net off.

  8. Ed on April 13th, 2012
  9. I still wake up in a wet bed every morning.

  10. Borat on April 15th, 2012
  11. well played Mom!

  12. ladywait on May 30th, 2012
  13. That’ll teach the little fucker!!!

  14. faceless person on June 19th, 2012
  15. Yes Mom!! Humiliate him and destroy his sense of pride while he is young!!! Then say you dont understand what happened when he goes on a killing spree

  16. David on July 1st, 2012

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