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Awkward Facebook messages, texts, and more

3 Comments to Patent pending

  1. did it ever occur to you that a person might be busy, and is being polite to the people they are with by turning off their cell so as to give them their full attention? you know, like grandparents… who don’t give a rat’s ass about texting? this generation is a bunch of douchebags with no manners.

  2. urdumb on October 5th, 2013
  3. what if they are at a funeral? you really fucking think it’s imperative for them to answer your dumb text “what’s good?” when they are handling REAL LIFE important obligations with people who are important to them? fuckin douche. rude.

  4. urdumb on October 5th, 2013
  5. its a fucking phone… CALL THAT PERSON !!?

  6. George on April 17th, 2014

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