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Puppies everywhere

Awkward Facebook messages, texts, and more

12 Comments to Puppies everywhere

  1. Hmm a room full of bitches.

  2. Moe Sizlek on December 6th, 2012
  3. I need that at my job. A room full of puppies would be awesome to help combat stress.

    It. Has. Been. A. Vodka. Kind. Of. Week.

  4. Brattus Rattus on December 6th, 2012
  5. I have a puppy I can rent her to the university. She be six months on saturday. :-)

  6. Kate on December 6th, 2012
  7. So, they can’t figure out why there’s puppies in a puppy room?

  8. netjnke on December 6th, 2012
  9. Next week on Hoarders……

  10. Kimberly Davenport on December 6th, 2012
  11. Calvin must not like puppies. He should be thankful his university is awesome enough to do that.

  12. lilbird92 on December 6th, 2012
  13. Welcome to Dal, the one thing you won’t get is an education.

  14. SirPent on December 6th, 2012
  15. Where was that shit when I was in college?

  16. GunDiva on December 6th, 2012
  17. PPPPPPPPPPUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? i wanna visit that room! but of course i could never leave XD

  18. mordred on December 6th, 2012
  19. My school does that.

  20. T on December 8th, 2012
  21. I heard on the radio the other day that a university in Toronto had a greyhound dog on campus for stress relief.

  22. HarleenQuinzel on December 11th, 2012
  23. I want a puppy room in my house!!!

  24. Nichole on December 13th, 2012

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