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20 Comments to Rape

  1. Hard to tell what is the harder fail.
    Her accusing him of rape even though he stopped and did not do anything.
    Or the answer that supports this behavier.

  2. SchwarzerWerwolf on July 24th, 2012
  3. I call troll.

  4. Log from BLAMMO! on July 24th, 2012
  5. Err… Trolls, plural.

  6. Log from BLAMMO! on July 24th, 2012
  7. I hope these are two trolls.

    Unfortunately, I have seen females pull this crap. One of my friends was only saved because he secretly audiotaped everything and when he played it in court and it got to the point where he stopped and then left, she broke down and confessed she was lying about being raped.

  8. The Last Universalist on July 24th, 2012
  9. He may not be guilty of rape, but, depending upon what state they were in, he’s most likely at least guilty of sexual assault, if her story is true. He should still get charged with at least that and punished accordingly. What she needs to have done was to be honest about exactly what happened, then the correct charges would’ve been leveled against him. Between getting away with his (illegal) behavior scot free and maybe getting a stiffer penalty than he should’ve gotten for what he did do, I’d rather the latter. Whether it’s actual rape or sexual assault, damn it, no always means no, period!

  10. Some1 on July 24th, 2012
  11. Some1, the problem is that once she recants her story of being raped, there’s no way a sexual assault charge will be filed. And if she doesn’t recant, than she’s perjuring herself. Once you lie under oath, if you recant, anything else you said is disregarded.

  12. The Last Universalist on July 24th, 2012
  13. I like how the rape counselor……couldn’t spell counselor. GG idiots.

  14. Stupid_World on July 24th, 2012
  15. I’m with Stupid. That was my favorite part. I also like the being almost raped is as bad as being raped part. I know a few people who would beg to differ. But I do also call troll.

    On a side note, my son’s ex-gf did this to him. He was 16, was rubbing her stomach and she told people that he raped her. She then went on to have some of her friends send him death threats. A few phone calls to the prosecuting atty, the sheriff’s office and the school superintendent later, there was a sit down with some students and their parents. When the words “terroristic threatening” “felony conviction” “academic suspension” and “lawsuit” were bandied about, the kids she persuaded to threaten him immediately turned on her and said it was all her fault. They said REAL quick that it was all her idea, that they didn’t REALLY dislike him and that they were sorry for upsetting him/me/my parents. They wrote letters of apology to us and all was forgiven. She refused to accept that she had done anything wrong though.

    She still doesn’t see how she did anything wrong. So girls like this DO exist and they will ruin a young boy’s life.

  16. Beverly on July 24th, 2012
  17. I hope he has her charged for filling a false police report. Is she so stupid that she doesn’t see it as wrong?

  18. Tammy1 on July 24th, 2012
  19. Once they start questioning her, the truth will come out … based on her reactions, if not her answers.

  20. netjnke on July 24th, 2012
  21. “His word against yours?” Uhhh no fucking way lady, its exactly the other way around. Though I don’t know why, many women are terrific lairs.

  22. bean on July 25th, 2012
  23. One thing doesn’t add up in her story. If she called police and said she was raped, they would send her to the ER for an exam. They would not just question her in the police station.

  24. Sagayzia on July 25th, 2012
  25. I’ve got a buddy in jail right now because some stupid little girl did this to him as well. He kissed her neck at a party & left a hickey so the next day she went to the cops and claimed rape (he never got pass the kissing). He’s currently serving a 10 year sentence because she was that convincing of a liar.

  26. Big_Man on July 25th, 2012
  27. I actually was a rape crisis counsellor, and I have a few stats for you all: Only 8% of actual rapes are reported. Of those reported, only about 4% turn out to be false reports.

    Sagayzia, where I am from, if you file a report, you cannot be forced to have a rape examination done. It’s your choice, but it is encouraged to have the evidence collected.

    Most reports to do not result in a conviction, Big_Man. In order for your friend to get 10 years, he’d have to be convicted of a Level 3 Sexual Assault, which would include rape, along with the presence of a weapon or threats against the victims life or their family.

    All of that being said, I’m not here to debate how many women lie, how men are falsely accused all of the time (a very close family member of mine was accused, and it was proven to be a false report). I’m just saying that we can’t always just jump to the assumption that women are lying to get revenge… most of them are not and they are sitting at home, afraid to report anything at all! Granted, I’m hoping that this person is a troll. Otherwise, she’s just enforcing a lot of stereotypes. And for those women who do lie about it, they are disgusting and are making it harder and harder for actual women in distress to report and be taken seriously.

  28. SCC on July 25th, 2012
  29. Ninth Commandment – Thou shalt not bear false witness….

    Even if you don’t believe in scripture, I think we can all agree that bearing false witness is a very evil thing to do. A man fondling his acknowledged girlfriend in the described scenario is not rape whatsoever and, as a woman, I am deeply offended by this lame girl who would play such a game with another person’s life. Many such girls are on power trips and enjoy trying to hurt men just to see what they can get away with. I’ve heard the ego-trip stories from women friends so many times. Most of them come to regret what they did; a lot of good that does to a guy who ended up in the court and/or criminal systems though.

  30. Hap on July 25th, 2012
  31. This is why I’d just rather masturbate to porn.

  32. Brian on July 25th, 2012
  33. @ SCC if you truly are a rape counselor and the one who responded to this you are a dumbass. What guy hasn’t felt his girl up and tried to get some and she said no. At least this guy stopped and left. This is in no way shape or form even anywhere near rape. Did you miss the HE STOPPED. She was not raped or even almost raped. You are really screwed in the head for telling this lying bitch that she is right in pressing rape charges. To the stupid bitch. This is why goog guys turn inot asshole because of cunts like you. I really hope you get what you deserve and nothing happens to him.

  34. Adrienne on July 26th, 2012
  35. If trying to get some and being rejected constitutes raper, every married man on the planet should be behind bars. This story is ridiculous at best.

  36. Leroy on July 26th, 2012
  37. @Adrienne

    SCC didn’t give his/her opinion one way or the other if this rape actually occurred – so back the fuck up. He/She stated some rape facts in general terms with the exception of what Big_Man said about his friend getting 10 years.

    Are you allergic to reading or just have a problem with facts?

  38. Brattus Rattus on July 26th, 2012
  39. yet another valid point in why teenage girls are worthless the REAL stats on rape btw are 99% false 1% true crying rape or assault is the best way for a woman to ruin a mans life and his word vs hers even if she was a hideous cow the courts are usually PRE DECIDED as to who wins before ANY farce of a trial is actually held as to what she should do she should kill herself before she ruins anyone else’s lives

  40. Xander StandingBear on July 26th, 2012

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