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Signs the world is coming to an end

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19 Comments to Signs the world is coming to an end

  1. wow this girl should be steralized, or look in a mirror a gauge by that, still she would not be a good mother

  2. Kat on May 15th, 2012
  3. seems staged judging by the time…

  4. april on May 15th, 2012
  5. No matetr what she looks like some guy will find her sexy. Doesn’t matter if she’s rail-thin or as wide as she is tall.

    This mom-to-be needs a new brain though, I pity her daughter having to grow up with that superficial imbecile.

  6. The Last Universalist on May 15th, 2012
  7. Dumb Ass.. Ugh.. I blame this stupidity of our kids on bad parenting and “reality tv” such as jersey shore, teen mom, and what ever else shows its ok to hook up and basically be a dumb ass and make more little superficial self important jackasses..

  8. Thomas Bennett on May 15th, 2012
  9. The question should be, Should this being be allowed to reproduce?

  10. bob on May 15th, 2012
  11. I think it’s time to legalize post-natal abortions for that kind of fucktard.

  12. Kessog on May 15th, 2012
  13. if you truly want to know what is wrong with this nation and the general direction that western civilization is headed look no further than this, i have never been for abortion and never will be but i swear to God i will never understand why He allows people like this to grow prosper and live.

  14. Not A Real Person on May 16th, 2012
  15. I say we just let idiots like this, die in a back alley with a rusted coat hanger hanging out of their cunt. We could also let the homeless eat the remains and not worry about clean up as well as feeding the homeless. :) save lives of babies and the homeless.

  16. Anthony on May 16th, 2012
  17. OMG This girl should be taken out back and beaten, shot, whatever. She needs a serious reality check. Self-centered bitch whore, gets herself knocked up and she’s going to have a kid she can’t raise (and is obviously too immature to do so) and our tax money is going to support it, but her biggest concern is if it will grow up to be a tramp just like her. OMG this makes me so disgustingly mad I can’t hardly type.

  18. Kendall on May 16th, 2012
  19. It’s probably another Yahoo Answers troll.

  20. Jami on May 17th, 2012
  21. I’d be willing to bet money that this was written by a guy.

  22. Armauld on May 18th, 2012
  23. WTF was that? Damn it! I’m going to bed, I can’t take anymore.

  24. WorstLighning on May 22nd, 2012
  25. if it was 17-20 yrs ago then i would find her sexy but since it is not (that i can tell) then she should wait til the baby is born then have her child taken away before we see her child (if its a daughter) on toddlers and tiaras although we wouldn’t any funny clips about that on the soup

  26. mordred on June 1st, 2012
  27. I was born ugly and gay…i got the double punch! I wish I was aborted : (

  28. Cunta on June 6th, 2012
  29. SHE is the seamen her trashbag mother should have spat in the toilet

  30. Nik on June 7th, 2012
  31. The best part of that girl ran down her mamas butt crack.

  32. faceless person on June 19th, 2012
  33. Save the kid. Abort the MOTHER. Fuuuuuuuck! I bet she’ll teach the baby to make duck faces…

  34. Winozzle on June 19th, 2012
  35. What in the hell? this girl is really stupid..and vain. Who cares what your child looks like. She shouldn’t have been able to breed,and if she is asking if she should and abort to try again says that she is a whore. Someone needs to slap the stupidity out of her but I think she has way to much. I am willing to bet that she will be a terrible mother who ends up on the proud parents section,and has cps taking her kids.

  36. angie on June 20th, 2012
  37. yeah that was a prolife troll, asking if the baby will be hot and use the term womb? nice try .

  38. on June 27th, 2012

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