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Unfortunately, she’s for real

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22 Comments to Unfortunately, she’s for real

  1. Damn! It’s going to be SO easy for my kid to get a job when he graduates from college! Wahoo!!!

    … On the other hand, he might be too overqualified for ANY interviewer :(

  2. Liz on June 24th, 2012
  3. I’d love to see the 16 comments. I’d also love to see if anyone actually reposted.

  4. JustMe on June 24th, 2012
  5. The 21 likes bother me, I don’t know if these people liked it because it’s funny or if they are as dumb as she is.

  6. Britt on June 25th, 2012
  7. This is painful to read, not just because HE donated HIS ovaries… Why must people write like this? Is it so hard to use correct spelling and grammar? At least make an attempt.

  8. Accio on June 25th, 2012
  9. You know it’s love when your BOYFRIEND donates his ovaries so that you may live.

  10. faceless person on June 25th, 2012
  11. @Accio, I agree. I have to think harder and it takes longer when I try to write like an idiot (to mock people). Much faster to just type properly.

  12. JustMe on June 25th, 2012
  13. Pretty please, may we see the comments?!

  14. Kate on June 25th, 2012
  15. the post was deleted on FB…otherwise i’d post the comments for you

  16. Ashley T on June 25th, 2012
  17. really since when do guys have orverys???

  18. Tabitha Bennett on June 26th, 2012
  19. Hmm. Since it’s pretty obvious to all of you that men don’t have ovaries, I won’t point that out. Let’s also completely over look the fact that ovaries are not essential to life. Can people really be that dumb? Really?

  20. Rebecca on June 27th, 2012
  21. I love my boyfriend but I’d never donate my testicles to him. Too risky.

  22. Am on June 27th, 2012
  23. I hate uneducated poor they should be kicked out of the U.S. I would love to punch this dumb chick in the face.

  24. Cunta on June 28th, 2012
  25. Men don’t have ovaries,they have underies.

  26. mike on June 30th, 2012
  27. @ Cunta. I think it would be easier to kick out all the haters then the US would be a great place to live. Ill bet you bully jews and gays and handicapped to.

  28. Ed on July 3rd, 2012
  29. If it is real (which I doubt), even though the person’s bulb is a little dim, at least she has a positive, make-the-world-a-better-place sort of viewpoint on life, and sounds like a caring person. I would rather have people like that in my community than raving haters or whining prima donnas….

  30. Hap on July 7th, 2012
  31. I would do anything for my girlfriend…even donate my ovaries to her, thus revealing to her that I’m a transvestite.

  32. Matty Mullins Is God on July 13th, 2012
  33. @Rebecca Technically, ovaries are essential to life. Can’t create it without them. :P heheh

  34. Mike from Canmore on July 19th, 2012
  35. To Matty Mullins: No it wouldn’t reveal that you’re a transvestite. It would reveal that you’re a transgender. Did you post the original comment???

  36. Walter on July 19th, 2012
  37. Ugh, reading the garbled nonsense gave me a headache. That fool needs a dictionary and a better fictional story.

  38. NoNo9810 on July 21st, 2012
  39. Did Ali G write this?

  40. STEPH on August 10th, 2012
  41. I’m more concerned with her desire to sound black than her lack of knowledge about body parts. Why does stupid=cool these days?

  42. Lester on August 14th, 2012
  43. I am soooo tired of stupid postings.. certain criteria must be met before someone is allowed to post anything. Those that are sick and outright stupid should not be allowed…but then this site wouldn’t exist.

  44. angie on August 19th, 2012

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