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You made your own bed…

Awkward Facebook messages, texts, and more

8 Comments to You made your own bed…

  1. Fuck that. I once thought one of my rats, Martini, got out of the house. I was wearing a wife beater and panties. I tore my house apart. Then I went into the garage looking for him – where the door locked behind me. I had to walk, almost naked, outside to my neighbors house to see if they could break into my house for me.

    They did and Martini was standing on his hind legs at the sliding glass door wondering what all the fuss was about. Rats are Brats.

    That dog story is nothing. LOL

  2. Brattus Rattus on December 13th, 2012
  3. Wow! Now that’s funny..I needed a good laugh. What is further embarrassing is posting what you did for all to see. Try falling down for no reason with lots of people around to see it.

  4. gemini on December 13th, 2012
  5. been there done that on falling down. i couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes w/o tripping, stumbling or falling down. then i got old and slow.

  6. Beverly on December 13th, 2012
  7. gemini – if your post is referring to me…the rat story is the tip of the iceberg for embarrassing shit I’ve done. Skirt caught in my panties at a new job, falling UP the stairs, my heel coming off my stiletto for no reason at all making me face plant in the middle of a bar while SOBER. Don’t get me started on the shit I did while I was on Ambien. The list goes on and on. LOL It takes a lot to make me turn red from true embarrassment or shame.

    Good times.

  8. Brattus Rattus on December 13th, 2012
  9. Where do you get a sweater that answers to any name, let alone a multi part one like the above!!

  10. Ken on December 14th, 2012
  11. excellent point ken.

  12. Beverly on December 14th, 2012
  13. Maybe it’s more embarrassing to be a chihuahua being chased by a guy in a bathrobe. ;) :P :D :P

  14. Douche Bag on December 14th, 2012
  15. I have 3 dogs (2 chows and a german shepherd) and 3 cats, and I swear everyday is a freaking circus in my house. The cats are flying off of the furniture like parkour kids, the dogs are wrestling, and my husband and I can sit on the couch for hours, just laughing hysterically at all of their antics. Animals are the best thing in the world, you don’t know unconditional love until you have loved a pet, and you don’t know just how much emotion animals have until you have bonded with one. Yes, they can drive us crazy at times, but I just couldn’t imagine enjoying life without my furry babies!

  16. Elizadeath on December 15th, 2012

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